In japanese Aesthetics, The Enso symbolizes strength, clarity and elegance, these qualities underpin our approach towards textile production, product selection, and client servcing.

The Enso Home collection was created with an experience of 27 years in spinning and weaving. Since 2014, Enso's hospitality division has been creating bed linen for luxury and boutique hotels in the GCC; hence we wanted people to have the same experience of high quality in their homes.We do not believe in the race of thread counts. We believe in creating lightweight, breathable fabrics and are driven by a love for textile and design. In a nutshell, Enso Home is minimalist luxury and comfort. We stock items that are made from natural materials and are vegan friendly. In producing our products, we always keep in mind our impact on the planet and the environment.

Classical - Soft - Earthy


Our minimalist designs and earthy colors will give your room a classical look that is warm and soft on the eyes - giving your space a soothing feel.


Our towels and bathrobes are made keeping in mind not only aesthetics but also experience, so both softness and drying capability are important to us. We pay special attention to absorbency, pile length, weight, and environmental impact.